Hurrah for the Michigan Fly Fishing Club

Terry Drinkwine makes me happy to pay dues when he reports the Michigan Fly Fishing Club has donated over $400,000 in grands to various conservation projects over the years. That’s what your funds do–they become bigger through solid communities and administration.

And Drinkwine’s good enough to include the expertise of another Terry, Terry Herron, along with this report. This is Herron’s Last Chance Emerger.

I haven’t fished with Terry much, but I know two things: one, if you can smell his pipe, he’s probably catching the fish you would be, so keep walking, and two, if he gives up any secrets, take note. Here’s a Hendrickson imitation. Enjoy tying this one over the winter break.

Last Chance Emerger

Hook: Standard dry one size larger than the pattern calls for
Thread: To match the pattern
Tail: Mallard flank
Shuck: Amber emerger yarn
Rib: fine copper wire
Body: Turkey biot
Wing: Two CDC feathers
Hackle: To match pattern

1. Attach the thread
2. Tie in 3 mallard flank feathers for the tail
3. Tie in the emerger yarn shorter than the tail
4. Tie in the rib
5. Tie in the biot and wrap to the mid point of the hook after dubbing an underbody
6. Wrap the rib in between the ridges of the biot
7. Dub a thorax on the mid point to 1/3 point
8. Tie in 2 CDC feathers with the wing pointing forward, equal to the body length
9. Tie in the hackle and wrap 3 turns
10. Tie off the hackle in front of the wing
11. Whip finish
12. Trim the butt end of the CDC to ½ the body length

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