The most wonderful time of the year

You know what that means--time to buy stuff.

On the good tip of one Michael Gracie I cruised over to Trout’s to get a few essentials for Small Business Saturday, taking advantage of the $25 credit for using an Amex. Sadly, I was so zoned out on turkey and stuffing I bought my junk on Friday, one day early. Further complicating matters, I didn’t realize this until Saturday afternoon.

Turns out the true value of small businesses championed the day–I dropped an email to Tucker Ladd, owner of Trout’s, in response to the invoice. I explained the screw-up. I asked what he could do. I felt a tinge of shame at the contents of my order–tippet, leaders, end-of-season replacement stuff. You know, for all the thingamabobbers I wound up leaving in random parts of boxes and bags.

But, sure enough, a few minutes later Tucker calls and explains how easy it’ll be to get everything returned and re-run on Saturday, squared away for the discount.

That alone, ladies and gentlemen, proved to me the meaning of Small Business Saturday.

But, a few days later when my order arrived, lo and behold old Tucker slipped me a Simms key chain bottle opener. And for that, I’m glad to go out of my way for a hearty handshake and hello at Trout’s next time I’m in the Mile High City.

Shoproll: Trout’s Fly Fishing, 1303 E. 6th Avenue Denver, CO 80218, (877) 464-0034

ps: for all you sick individuals like myself who can’t do anything but stock up to feed your illness in this time of giving, head over to The Fiberglass Manifesto, where Cameron‘s doing an awesome 12 Days of Christmas promotion swag-o-rama.

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