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About Current Flow State

Current Flow State is me, Nick Parish, a Portland, OR-based writer and editor, magazine and newspaper journalist and all-around media dude trying to figure out the meaning of life through fly fishing.

I’ve written about all sorts of different things, from travel to sports to technology to advertising. But I like writing about fly fishing most of all.

I caught my first trout on Michigan’s Au Sable at age eight (yes, on a worm) and have loved every aspect of fishing ever since. Luckily I renounced the tools of the devil in my late teens. As the Michigan Fly-Fishing Club motto goes, Qui vermes mergent nin inferis frigent,” or those who dip worms shall roast in flames”.

As of 2023, I’m a part time instructor in Portland Community College’s community education program, teaching fly fishing.

CFS is my online notebook, a place for me to collect writing on fly fishing, conservation, technique, stories from trips, gear reviews and generally try to understand how fly fishing explains the world.