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If These Lodge Walls Could Talk: Ilahe Lodge on the Rogue River October 17, 2023 Fly Fishing Culture I was browsing the summer ’23 issue of The Drake and came upon a few old guide chestnuts, combining the ignorance of the customers, (“dudes”, or Inside the Anglers’ Club of New York May 28, 2012 Fly Fishing Culture I had the good luck to be able to attend a small benefit dinner at the exclusive Anglers’ Club here in New York City a few weeks back. Well, it’s Inside the Angler’s Club of New York, Part 2 May 20, 2012 Fly Fishing Culture When I posted a few months ago about the Angler’s Club of New York, I neglected to tell one important anecdote that was relayed to me. Now that Lawfully Wadered: a Fly-Fishing Wedding September 19, 2011 Fly Fishing Culture I’m at the age where you go to a lot of weddings (Lady CFS and I are planning one ourselves) but I didn’t think the annual Montana trip would A Fraternity of Dunces August 31, 2011 Fly Fishing Culture Spotted inside the outhouse at a marginally-well-trafficed parking area on the Madison. What’s the biggest amateur move you’ve publicly owned up to? Congrats Piscator: Happy Birthday Izaak Walton August 9, 2011 Fly Fishing Culture Happy 418th birthday to Izaak Walton, the first (and Compleat-est) angling blogger. Give his masterpiece a leaf through if you haven’t